Smart Car Reviews Show Which Smart Car Gets Highest Score In Smart Car Crash tests

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So, you have been looking into the smart car and are wondering which one is going to get the highest rating for safety. Wonder no more because the results are in. Smart car crash tests are showing what everyone wants to know, that is, which smart car is the highest rated when it comes to design, safety and build.

Car crash tests have been an important part of information for insurance companies for years but, now we are able to use these car crash tests to help us determine which car to buy and which to avoid. Smart car crash pictures can also be reviewed to help us determine how a car might look after a crash. Match these smart car crash pictures with the smart car crash tests and we can make an informed choice.

Smart Car Crash Test Chevrolet

Smart Car Crash tests

The vehicle that got the highest rating is only eight foot, eight inches. This vehicle received the highest ratings in both the front end and the side impact categories of the test. The testing was conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The tests were set up because in the United States some consumers were concerned that they car could be vulnerable to safety issues during a crash. The Smart for two micro car, 2008 model was tested and it got smashing reviews. Even when the car was hit from behind, it got the second highest rating.

The United States government did earlier tests on these cars and the drivers door popped open. This caused a concern because they were worried that during a crash a driver could be ejected from the car. This mishap did not affect the test score however, it was just a concern that they wanted consumers to be aware of. This resulted in a window sticker being added to the vehicle on the show room floor. This simple sticker keeps the customer informed.

Having said all of this, it is still a five star car when it comes to side testing. That is the highest level of testing too. The car is about 1,800 pounds and has a safety cage made from steel. There are four standard air bags for added protection and has a feature known as electronic stability control. This ESC helps to make sure that the swerving off the road is greatly reduced.

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18 Photos of the Smart Car Reviews Show Which Smart Car Gets Highest Score In Smart Car Crash tests

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