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Celebrity lawyers are under intense pressure when it comes to representing their high profile clients. They face unique challenges that they wouldn’t have had to with the average person. The extraordinary compensation they receive is well deserved. Not only do they have to provide their clients with a win, they have to control the media as well. Celebrity clients face media scrutiny, and many times the information that they give the public is incorrect.

Paparazzi love taking pictures of celebrities as well as showing the public their famous lawyers pictures or famous attorney’s pictures. Celebrities face accident injury claims all the time. It’s important they hire a lawyer who is extremely experience in the field of accident injury claims. Many people are out there to take advantage of celebrities due to their high income. Here is some information on some of the richest celebrity lawyers.

The lawyer behind the accusers Gloria Allred

Celebrity Lawyers

Gloria Allred is a popular attorney, well known for representing women’s rights. She is also one of the richest celebrity lawyers. Allred isn’t afraid to back down from tough cases. Her most recent notable cases includes representing Rachel Uchitel who was the mistress of Tiger Woods. She also represented the family of Nicole Brown Simpson and helped Paula Jones in the sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton. Her company is named Allred Maroko and Goldberg. Her company is so successful that it has awarded more than $100 million dollars to it’s clients in only five years.

Leslie Abramson is less well known however, her clients are not. She represented the Menendez brother Lyle and Erik in 1993. They brutally murdered their parents claiming they were sexually and physically abused for years. Even though the brothers were convicted and received life sentences, Leslie earned $750,000. She also represented Phil Spector, the music producer who was charged will shooting his wife to death.

Alan Dershowitz is a celebrity attorney and Harvard law professor. He represented Leona Helmsley, who was convicted of tax evasion. He has also represented heavyweight champion Mike Tyson when he was accused of rape. He received a six figure paycheck for representing that case alone.

Britain most toxic divorce battle

There are many more celebrity attorneys to name that represent the rich and famous. They become celebrities of their own right with the help of their clients thrusting them into the spotlight. Famous lawyers pictures and famous attorney pictures are all over the internet. Celebrity lawyers can become legends by scoring themselves and their clients millions of dollars.

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