The Princess Diana Fatal Car Crash: A look back through pictures and words

Princess Diana dies at 36 in a high speed car crash

It was the event that shattered the world. The Princess Diana Fatal Car Crash was something that everyone is going to remember for a very long time. It happened on August the 31st, back in 1997. After looking over everything, it was found that her driver had been responsible. He had been driving drunk. The booze and his unwillingness to have someone else drive, that is part of what got the princess killed.

Was that all though?

Were there other aspects to this story, aspects that might have gotten left out? Actually, yes there were. First of all, the driver had a mix of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics in his system. If you pair this with alcohol, it’s going to prove deadly.

A New Twist Emerges in Princess Dianas Death

There is also the question of the high speed he was driving. Why was he going so fast? Well, you can thank the paparazzi for this one. They were the ones who added insult to injury.

“We have to get that shot. We just have to get that shot, no matter what it takes!”

Well, now you have the shots! All you have to do is look at the Princess Diana car crash photos. Be forewarned though. These Princess Diana car crash photos are haunting, even 20 years after it all happened.

Princess Diana dies at 36

There is also the issue of Princess Diana not wearing her seat belt. Why was she not wearing her seat belt? I guess this is something only she can answer. Maybe she had too much wine with dinner? Maybe she was too busy kissing her boyfriend to give it much concern. Either way, Princess Diana is now immortalized in pictures once more.

The only difference now is how she is going to be remembered? Many of us will remember her grace, charm, her good deeds and her perfect smile as she took over the world. Others will remember something far more deadly. Others will have the fatal car crash Princess Diana pictures to move forward with. These fatal car crash princess Diana pictures have become etched in history. A thought which is more chilling, rather then exciting.

16 Photos of the The Princess Diana Fatal Car Crash: A look back through pictures and words

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