Head-on car crashes: the most serious of all car accident

One dead in 2 car crash

There no such thing as a “good” accident. They can cause injury or even death. Accidents happen at intersections on two-lane roads, and on the highways. Any accident you are involved in is serious, since your car is damaged and you could be hurt. But, the most serious of all head-on car crashes.

Head-on crashes can be deadly. They are so serious to both parties involved, and if you are lucky enough to come out of it alive then you can count your lucky stars. Accidents that happen from being hit on the side can kill as well, and sometimes those accidents will just cause a few aches and pains along with your damaged fender, door, or quarter panel.

Head-on crash photo

Cars are engineered for safety much more than they have even 20 years ago, but when you are involved in car crashes that involve a head-on collision with another vehicle, your vehicle and you are changed forever.

Head-on car crashes that happen at angles

Car crashes that happen at angles can cause glancing blows where the full impact of the crash is not felt. Head-on car crashes more often than not cause permanent injury or death due to the full impact being absorbed by both vehicles. All the energy from the momentum of both vehicles is felt.

Even with safety belt and air bag, those that survive through head-on car crashes will live but with serious injuries and they may never fully recover. This is why it is so important to be aware of other drivers as you navigate city streets and highways.

One dead in 2 car crash

Some of the injuries associated with head-on crashes include broken facial bones, and ribs. Even more devastating are severed limbs, traumatic brain injuries and decapitations.

A car accident happens in every city, every day. It is important to teach young drivers about the dangers of driving, and making sure they are not talking or texting on cell phones.

Head on car crash pictures can be a good deterrent for young drivers so they may practice being safe and alert on the road ways. Driver’s education classes often use these head on car crash pictures to shock students into what can happen if they are not careful on the road.

22 Photos of the Head-on car crashes: the most serious of all car accident

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