Funny Vehicle Crashes: Laughing or Crying or Both?

Car crash funny

The thing about funny vehicle crashes is that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry or both. Some my might think funny car crashes aren’t funny at all. But sometimes, it necessary to just kick back and have a laugh. Funny car crashes pictures brings humor to life.

When you’re watching a video of funny car accidents, you aren’t thinking “That’s a lot of damage. Hope those people got out ok!” That might be the right thing to do. But chances are when you see a video featuring some funny car accidents you’re thinking “What a fool! He just crashed his new Lamborghini!”

Funny car crash red Ferrari

Funny Vehicle Crashes: Laugh or cry? Both

It’s only right to have a laugh now and then while watching funny car crashes. Sometimes, it’s apparent that the person driving should not have been given a license. Oftentimes, a new driver will get into a situation far beyond their skill level. If someone had a camera on them at the time, we will get funny car crashes pictures.

Funny vehicle crashes include: Mustang drivers attempting burnouts while leaving “cars and coffee” events; Lamborghini drivers losing it on a turn while trying to impress friends; Jeep drivers attempting to climb rocks far too steep for their vehicles, and even truck drivers who underestimate the height of their trucks while driving under bridges.

There is no end to the joy of watching other’s misfortune when you’re watching funny car crashes. Hopefully, these drivers escaped with no more than minor injuries. Chances are, their insurance rate will go sky-high. Their insurance company will not be amused by funny car crashes pictures. They will only demand far more money to insure their next car. This is sad for them, but only makes sense.

Funny car accidents

Another thing to consider: Funny car accidents aren’t so funny to law enforcement officials who must direct traffic around the accident scenes. It’s likely that these funny vehicle crashes cause many traffic delays. But then, it’s possible that police have a quiet, secret laugh at the expense of the idiotic driver of an expensive German car who drives into a pond or off a bridge while trying to impress business associates.

13 Photos of the Funny Vehicle Crashes: Laughing or Crying or Both?

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