More front-to-front car crash test are showing that the smaller the car, the more heat it will take in a crash

Front-to-front crash test

Mini cars are becoming more popular among drivers and car enthusiasts. Why shouldn’t they be? They are rather inexpensive and they use less gas. There is a downside though. They do no fair well during a car crash test.

There have been several front-to-front crash test done between mini-cars and larger vehicles recently. When you take a look at the before and after car crash tests pictures, there is a dramatic difference. SUV’s were used against the mini-cars. Due to the weight and size of these vehicles, the mini cars took quite a beating.

Ford F 150 Crash Tests

These tests have also concluded that the size and weight affect the outcome in another way. If you are smaller in size and in a smaller car, you will be at an extreme disadvantage. Look at some mock-up car crash tests pictures some time. You will see a major difference. The mock-ups use the fake bodies, but you will see the point being illustrated.

Lets’t take a look at an example car crash test


During a simulated car crash test the Honda Accord held up pretty well. There weren’t really any sustainable injuries to the mock body in the front seats. This vehicle crash didn’t bode well for the bodies in the FIT. This vehicle car crash was less-than favorable for them. The dummy’s head hit the front air bag during the vehicle crash. The areas around the leg of the dummy also showed cause for concern, seeing as this area was also severely impacted.

Types of Car Accidents

Car crashes like this give cause for alarm when it comes to head and leg injury. This test was also run on other cars too, cars like the Toyota Camry and the Mercedes C class. These tests more or less concluded the same results, when paired with their smaller counter-parts.


It’s not just the reports from the car crashes that have to be considered. It’s also the impact of the fuel economy. Most people buy mini-cars due to the low fuel intake. The only problem is, it’s not going to protect a person if they wind up in a car crash.

The current fuel economy standards are being applied to the whole fleet, it doesn’t matter what mix is in there. This is something the car industry is hoping to change. The idea is to sell smaller cars, this way you can offset the impact of the larger cars in the fleet. The other hope is to minimize the damage a car faces when in a car accident, regardless of the size.

If these tests show anything, it’s that the smaller cars take the heat. They get the shorter end of the stick. There are many who are hoping to change this. These simulated tests are being used to identify the problems and look for a solution.

18 Photos of the More front-to-front car crash test are showing that the smaller the car, the more heat it will take in a crash

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