Where to Find Legal Advice and Help With My Car Accident Injury Claim

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Should you call a lawyer or an attorney if you need help filing your car accident injury claim? Where can you get good advice about personal injury laws in your state?

In the United States, the terms “lawyer” and “attorney” are used interchangeably but there is a slight difference between the two.

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A lawyer is someone who:
• Has completed law school and holds a Juris Doctor Degree, or J.D.
• Gives general or specialized legal advice based on training and experience
An attorney at law is someone who:
• Is a lawyer
• Has passed the Bar exam and is a member of a State Bar Association

Both lawyers and attorneys give advice. Both might also exercise power of attorney to act on behalf of their clients. By passing the Bar exam, attorneys can practice in a court of law or simply stated, practice law. In civil or criminal court trials or proceedings, attorneys debate, refute, and submit evidence in defense of their clients or in prosecution of another on behalf of their client. Many attorneys specialize in areas like patent, environmental, or personal injury law.
Where Do I Find Car Accident Injury Claim Lawyers?
Friends and family. If you know someone who has had a personal injury claim, ask for a referral and introduction to their attorney.

Bar Association referral services. Call your local Bar Association to see if they have an attorney referral service. Visit the association’s web site to view their member attorney profiles.
Search engines. Do a quick search for lawyer directories in your state. You will find many sites that include law firm pictures and lawyers profiles by specialty and location.

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How Do I Pick the Best Attorney for My Car Accident Claim?
1. Visit the website of the attorney you are considering and take note of the law firm pictures. Look for professional photo in each attorney profile.
2. Read through the firm’s lawyers profile to see if they have experience dealing with your specific type of injury or accident.
3. Call to inquire about fees. Many attorneys at law will evaluate your claim and arrange for fees to be paid upon settlement.

Whether you are just looking for legal advice or need an attorney to file your claim, these tips will help you find the right law firm for you.

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