In A Car Wreck? Here Is Where The Parachutes Are Located!

Chris Mazzola Property Damage Lawyer

There are many types of personal injuries as there are many types of personal injury lawyers. Drivers never know when they will be in a car wreck, serious car accident or where you might run into building causing massive property damage.

That said, in case you missed the most recent memo, a car wreck or car accident tops the list of why you should be on a first-name basis with a lawyer who has the experience to handle not only accidents, but property damage as well. And in case you are one of those who may be loaded with optimistic thoughts about car crashes thinking it will never happen to you, you never really know.

Property Damage Lawyer

One thing for sure that any property damage lawyer knows is in many accidents involving cars, trucks, 18 Wheelers or motorcycles there is usually not only the possibility of personal injuries to the people involved but damage to nearby property as well. Ergo, on the subject of hiring a property damage attorney, it can be helpful to your attorney to not only have the proper insurance coverage but plenty of car crashes pictures to assist your possible filing of a personal injury claim.

Car wreck pictures

With the advent of various types of cell phones and other nifty gadgets on the marketplace today, you should be able to take reams of car crashes pictures. Those pictures should include, but not be limited only to your vehicle but every other vehicles involved including the license plates and any injured people.

To further assist your property damage attorney, in your initial meeting with the team of lawyers you have hired, it might be wise to include copies of your current insurance policy verifying that you have the property coverage that includes comprehensive insurance and collision. Having both of these insurance parachutes will give you and your property damage lawyer a “leg-up” if and when a personal injury claim is initiated against the negligent party.

Car wreck Army

Note: No states require comprehensive coverage and it doesn’t cover every thing, but it does cover a lot. Therefore, if you don’t know the law in your state; you surely better know a personal injury lawyer.

17 Photos of the In A Car Wreck? Here Is Where The Parachutes Are Located!

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